My first weave!

My first weave!

#myfirstweave I went through my stuff today and found this tapestry from 2018 when I tried weaving for the very first time. So I guess this calls for a story time no one asked for.

I discovered modern weaving through Pinterest posts. I was fascinated to know that you can weave on a frame and you don't need to be trained on a floor loom to learn it. I was already into textiles at the time and it was an exciting thing to explore. I was never the DIY or the artsy type of person but I already know how to knit & crochet, here's when I thought how else can I use my yarn?

(A fun fact: I made my art insta in 2017 with this handleㅡtheartofyarnㅡthinking I want to explore more art of yarn! )

I spent the next days researching on how I can start and what materials to use. I also tried looking for a workshop that offer this or a shop that sells kit locally but I couldn't find one. But I was still very excited and decided that I want to try weaving ASAP! That's when I purchased a screenprint frame, removed the fabric, and hammered nails on them.

I owe it to this blogger (that I can't find now) on how I learned my first few techniquesㅡwarping, plain weave, & rya knots. I was following through photos but I also had to look for video references to make sure I did them correctly.

I curated my kit with the things I already have: warp thread using my Monaco mercerized, weft threads using assortments of cotton rope, wool, and acrylic yarns, and a steel fork as my comb.

First time weaving, I thought it was really fun! It was definitely easier to learn than crochet and knitting, and I could already imagine the different things I want to try. What if I weave a different types of yarn? What other techniques can I try? Is it possible to weave different shapes? I was able to finish the whole thing for about 3 hours while gushing in between. I was really excited and happy I got to try it, and that I know from that moment that I'm gonna spend my next weeks exploring it!

And that's pretty much what happened. I would go through Pinterest to look for a peg I want to try next, then make it happen the next day. I would post everyday about it and my Instagram became my sort of weaving journal. It made so much sense to me and I love making random woven things! 

My first-ever sold weave was a neutral-colored wall hanging. I was intending to sell it and when I asked if anyone's interested, someone actually messaged me buy it! 

Maybe for my next story time, I can share an archive of my old weaves and explain a little bit about them. See ya then!

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