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Introducing the all-new class series for modern weaving!

Weaving is one of the oldest methods of fabric production and celebrated cultural practice in the Philippines. These classes will introduce you to Modern Weaving, a contemporary take on the traditional practice that allows you to learn the craft at your own capacity and appreciate the process along the way.

Classes labeled as Beginners will teach the foundations with no skills required! So even if it is your first time to try out a yarn craft, you are very much welcome here. 

However, for classes labeled Advanced, I recommend taking the foundations class first because we will be diving straight into the techniques that will be difficult to follow if you're not familiar with the basics.

You can choose to purchase the class that comes with the kit or lessons only if you already own one. I allow my students to go through my yarn stash to pick out colors and textures they want to try, but feel free to bring your own collection if you'd like to share them! 

I hope you're excited! To register, simply purchase any of these classes and make sure to show up on the dates written. See ya!

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