Let's work on a weave ✨

Hi! I'm currently accepting commissions for fiber art pieces & I'd love to hear what you have in mind if you'd like a piece made. But first, here are some of my sample works:



I made a Community Loom for HABI Fair 2019, with an exposed warp silhouette of the Philippine map. 



Here's a fun project I made with designer Raya Abastillas. The colors & pattern were hers, and I made looms fit for the sizes of the long robe & the crop top. You may view the whole collection here.

I worked on a very freestyle 3x4ft piece with a very patient client who allowed me to extend my promised deadline because of the ECQ in Metro Manila. 
Here's a 2x3ft woven piece made from a client's sketch! It was tricky following a hand-sketch but I had so much fun piecing the whole thing together.


For this piece, I was asked to weave a black & white piece with raffia. At the moment, I was working on Weave-It-Yourself Inabel workshops & patterns and offered if I weave an Inabel Kusikos-inspired tapestry & will sew in raffia fibers on the sides. Here's the outcome!
Inspired by my last commission piece, a friend asked me to weave a similar design in a frame, using a blue yarn similar to Yves Klein blue. It turned out amazing, my favorite so far!
So, there you go! As a fiber artist, I also practice different fiber arts and right now working on my latch & locker hooking skills. I'd love to know what you have in mind, so please send me a message below! If you would also like to use my past works as reference, you may include the Instagram/Facebook post link in the message box. Thanks again and take care!

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