Community Loom at 98B

Hi! Here's a quick guide on how you can participate and try out the community loom displayed at the First United Building Museum!

Weaving preparations

  1. Yarns and scissors are available for use.
  2. Pick a color you like and cut at least a meter long
  3. Go to the loom and locate the last yarn hanging, or where the last weaver left off
  4. Tie your yarn with the yarn on the loom
  5. Yay! You're ready to weave! 


How to weave

First off, locate and observe how the previous yarn was woven. Weaving can be done by simply moving OVER-UNDER-OVER and so on. So after knowing how the previous yarn was woven, you have to weave the opposite way. If the previous yarn was inserted UNDER, then you have to weave OVER.

  1. If you're weaving UNDER, lift up the vertical thread (the black thread attached on the loom) and insert your yarn under.
  2. If you're weaving OVER, simply move past the vertical thread or skip it.

You can insert notes or calls inside this community loom! Pick up a cardboard and write your message. 

  1. Get a piece of the cardboard with punched holes on both ends.
  2. Write your message or call (or anything you like, really!)
  3. Tie the last yarn on one end and your new yarn on the other.
  4. Weave it in a way that the message can overlap the black threads so it can be read.


Check out these video tutorials so you can see these instructions in action. Please tag us when you get the visit the space! 

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