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Modern Weaving Workshop (for adults)

Weave-It-Yourself kit for Students

The quality is good. A great starter loom for all the beginners or students. There are multiple colors of yarn and it is enough for one project.

Weave-It-Yourself kit for Beginners (Loom with Legs)

Weave-It-Yourself kit for Beginners (Loom with Legs)

Little Weavers Workshop

Teacher Judith is so encouraging and patient in teaching the essential weaving tips and knots kids need to learn so they can easily create woven pieces of their own.

Weave-It-Yourself kit for Students

It was all complete, had and perfectly covered with a beautiful wrapper. Thank you so much!

Great selections of high quality yarns, the best! Would shop here again :)

Tapestry Needle Pack
Nichole Anne Pura

The materials are in a very good condition and the yarns are high quality

Aesthetically pleasing

Good day!
The item is very much appreciated, I haven’t started my journey in weaving and crocheting yet but I just know for a fact that this will make it much more easier and fun. It is very beautiful and was also in a reusable tote bag that was made from a muslin which is a plus points for the brand in not wasting other products. Items are complete and came here as what I expected from the pictures. Indeed made me happy and will surely buy again soon.

love it

We really enjoy our weaving and the color sets are wonderful

Weaving Fiber Pack in Kulimlim
Aaron Elmer Mariano

The pack has a lot of variations.

Modern Weaving

I loved the idea of trying out something new and I discovered the art of yarn through ig. I was really inspired and in awe when I came to know about modern weaving. It piqued my curiosity thus, I went on this website and tried out a beginner's kit.

The overall transaction was smooth and I received the goods safely. The packaging was nice and I loved the materials inside. The pin was well-made too! My favorite was the bundles of yarn, they were all beautiful with the varying textures and colors. Overall, I am beyond satisfied. Thank you!

The quality of the yarns is good and the loom is sturdy! ❤️ Definitely a good place to shop for weaving mats.

Love it

Great selection.

little weavers class and products

Super happy! Sparked a new interest in Olivia with the weaving class. We are excited to weave away! Thank you ms judith :)

Weaving Fiber Pack in Luntian
Christina Del Mundo

Love the selection!