Weave-It-Yourself: Inabel


Hi there! We're so excited to share with you this project after months of hiding it to ourselves (although I've already shared some teasers about it on my Instagram). This project is in collaboration with Locano PH and their wonderful community of weavers. 

Locano started partnering with the weaving community of the Ilocos region in 2015. In 2020, Locano had the opportunity to work with Nanay Ely. She has been weaving inabel since she was in her teenage years. During a call we had last October 2020, she shares her aspirations of being able to teach the young how to weave so that the craft may be passed on. The conditions brought about by the pandemic have made access to our artisans more difficult and the transfer of knowledge even more urgent. She shares that apart from the foot pedal looms and threads they need to weave, they also use a sewing machine to finish and secure the weaves. Since not all of them have sewing machines, most of the weavers pay for it to have it done. This entails an additional cost that they should and in a way, lessens their productivity time. 

With the challenge that the community is faced with, Locano and The Art of Yarn happily take on the responsibility of telling the story of craft to keep the conversation going. By designing an approachable way to learn and appreciate the craft of making things by hand, we hope to make a new hobby out of the Weave-It-Yourself: Inabel patterns. By learning about the discipline and wonder of weaving, we can help make Nanay Ely’s and the rest of the weaving community’s aspiration of being able to teach the basics of weaving, the meaning behind the patterns formed, and appreciate the place and people behind the craft. 


Introducing the Weave-It-Yourself: Inabel patterns

Together with Locano, we have designed Inabel-inspired weaving patterns for beginners and intermediate weavers to try. 100% of the profit for the e-course will be used to purchase sewing machine unit/s for Locano's partner weaving community. Yay! 

As of April 19, we're able to gather PHP 4,500 worth of donations from your purchase of the WIY Inabel patterns!

The Weave-It-Yourself Inabel is a series of patterns inspired by the traditional Inabel symbols and woven patterns. Through this easy-to-weave guide, we hope to have designed an approachable way to learn and appreciate the basics of weaving, as well as weaving the traditional Inabel patterns.

Here's the 1 of 5 patterns we will release in the coming weeks: Sabong / Flowers. Traditional Inabel patterns are inspired by the weavers' everyday life, including this beautiful Flower pattern. You will learn more about this pattern and more through the e-course!



This pattern uses weaving techniques such as plain weaving and overshot. Both beginners and intermediate weavers can easily follow this!

The mini-course includes:

  • Complete instructions from start to finish
  • 2-page printable PDF pattern
  • 5 video tutorials (voice over in Tagalog, with supplementing instructions in English)
  • Online support through a group chat where you'll be added, as well as to receive updates on the fundraising + release of new patterns.

Purchase the mini course here.