Online Guide for Yarn Explorers

Hi there! I am Teacher Judith and here are more details about the short course. 

Yarn Explorations is a project-based guided course designed for kids 4-12 years old, exploring different crafts with yarns as the main material while helping them find a new craft hobby!

In this page, you will find the yarn exploration online guides that I will release each week every after class so your little weavers can go back to them and make more! Each lesson contains "More Explorations" section that are not included in the 1-hr class as additional things for them to try with their newly-learned skill.

Tap each lesson to view/download the online guide:

  • Session 1: Woven Bracelet through Straw Weaving
  • Session 2: Paper Weaving
  • Session 3: Sewing Board
  • Session 4: Macrame Feathers
  • Session 5: Finger Knitting
  • Session 6: Woven Rainbow Wall Hanging
  • Session 7: Tassel Garland
  • Session 8: Woven Dreamcatcher