Very Merry Yarn Exchange!

Hi, this is Judith of The Art of Yarn and welcome to our *first* online Yarn Exchange party! Hope you can finish reading through the whole thing for the complete mechanics and so that we can do this right :) This activity is only for fun and joining this is free. This is also one way to connect to other weavers and yarn artists!

ONLY 15 SLOTS ARE AVAILABLE (for now!). Limited slots only as I am only one person organizing this. When slots are filled, I'll keep you all posted if we'll open more slots for this.

December 7 - Signups closed
December 14 - Last day of sending out yarn gifts
December 28 - Last day of reporting on missing gifts

What happens in a Yarn Exchange?
Here's the complete mechanics:
1. Participants must sign up with their complete information in this form only until December 7.
2. By December 8, you will be sent a dm/email on your exchange partners: one receiving your gift and the other one sending you a gift.
3. Feel free to reach out to your partners to exchange personal details with them such as your contact numbers, addresses, et cetera (I won't be asking for your private information).
4. Send out your yarn gift ASAP to ensure that your partner receives your gift before the year ends (better if before Christmas, right?)

Who can participate?
Anyone in the PHILIPPINES can join! You have the free will to choose if you'd like to send gifts within your province or if you're willing to pay for shipping.
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