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Introduce yourself to the art of weaving. Sign up to the beginners class that covers the foundation tips & techniques, all materials included. Next schedule: March 14-21.

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Go wide or go home ✨

Available in two sizes: the standard 12x15in & the wider 19x25in. We've developed a design that can follow you as you weave on the table or on your lap. Each piece is handmade and well-designed for the modern weaver.

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About the looms

All our looms are handmade and hand-polished by Mike Otis, a small batch woodworker in Pateros, Philippines. Materials used are hardwood, rivets, and wood stain for finishing. We apply wood glue apart from nails to neatly attach the woods so rest assured that these are well-made and made to last!

Slight variations, including uneven coloring or moved nails, may occur but doesn't immediately mean that it's made of low quality. Think of it as a charming mistake that only handmade projects will show, that's why one loom is different from the others. However, if you received a damaged loom that could be due to a production or shipping problem, please message us asap so we can replace it for you!

If you're here and wondering if we can also produce bigger sizes, yes we can! Please send me a message on Facebook or Instagram so we can discuss your desired loom.