Online Guide to String heART 💘

Hello! This is Judith of The Art of Yarn. I made this online guide as your reference on how to weave using your heart loom. Please share with us your finished project, would love to see them! 

1. Materials

Here's what you'll need for this activity:

  • Your heart loom
  • Yarns
  • Plastic needle
  • Scissors


2. Prepare the yarns

  • Untwist the hank of yarn by detaching the 'head' and hold the middle of the twist to avoid tangling the threads
  • Untie the knot. You may twist them into yarn balls so you can easily use them.



3. Making the outline

  • Time to choose your first yarn! Using the end of your yarn, tie a knot to the nail at the most bottom, the tip of the heart.
  • Stretch the yarn and trace the shape of the heart outside the nails. When you get to the middle nail, go around that nail so you can move to the next half.
  • Continue tracing the other half of the yarn until you get back to the bottom, where your first knot was.


  4. Weaving

  • To start weaving, stretch out your yarn and wrap it around, from one nail to another, filling in the space and adding color to the heart shape.
  • There really are no rules in here, feel free wrap it the way you want it! Preferably you want to start by going around one nail and moving to the nail opposite to it.
  • Once you're able to add the first layer, you can push the yarns down further using your needle/finger so you can add another layer.

  • On your second layer, feel free to go around a nail to go back to weaving another layer. You can do it with a patterned move or just spontaneously weave through!
  • If you're satisfied with your second layer (or so!), you can now tie it again on one nail and cut the yarn.
  • You may start a new yarn and add a new layer by tying the end to a nail, on the area you want to start with, and proceed to weaving.


5. Finishing

  • You may add a special outline to your work by doing a half-round on every nail but in opposite sides, same as in the photos below.
  • Once you're done weaving, you may hide the excess yarns by using the needles.



Your project is now ready to hang on the wall! Feel free to restart next time if you'd like a new look. Hope you can post your work and tag me in it, would love to see what you come up with! 💗