Weave-It-Yourself: Potholder kit Online Guide

Hello! Here's the online guide on how to weave a Potholder. This craft can be done by kids 6 y/o and up with enough guidance, specially when using the scissors. The video guide is in Tagalog, by the way! :)

To start, we'll need some materials. You can definitely provide your own or purchase a kit here.

What we'll need:

  • A weaving loom (preferably a square shape in a small size)
  • T-shirt or Fabric yarn
  • Crochet hook (size 5 and up, depending on fabric)
  • Plastic Needle (optional)
  • Rubber band
  • Scissors


Before we start, we have to prepare the fabric. You may find tons of Youtube tutorials on how to cut your own shirt to make a yarn. Make sure to cut them in equal strips! I've tried different materials to test what works well such as cotton rope and different types of fabric I can find at home.

What I highly recommend though (that was also recommended to me) is the string retaso. You'll find them online (Facebook or Shopee) being sold in kilograms. I have included some of these in the kit if you have purchased one. They are excess fabrics from factories and are very stretchy. I'm not the expert in fabrics and I think they are used for garments as well.

Feel free to experiment on your own though! Would love to see how you would find other fabrics with weaving a potholder.

Making the potholder:

The whole process can be divided into 3: Warping, Weaving and Finishing. If you have woven on a loom before, you might find the process familiar. 

Let's start with WARPING. 

We have used alternating colors per layer so we can achieve a checkered pattern. Now that we have done the 4 layers of the warping process, let's move on to WEAVING.



I'm sure you've done a great job! Don't forget to flip your loom to check if you have gone through all the back layer. You can always go back and repeat if you happen to miss any.

Now, we're ready to finish our potholder and take it off the loom.


Congratulations, you just finished your very own potholder! 

After this, you can experiment different color combinations and materials. I would love to see what you've made! Please tag me on Instagram @theartofyarn or find me on Facebook. Feel free to shoot me a message as well if you have any questions 💘

Thank you for making time in learning another handcraft! Feel free to browse around the website to purchase weaving kits and learn the art of weaving, or learn from me and sign up to a workshop. See you around!