Collection: Year-end Clearance Sale

Hey, welcome to my clearance sale! Very grateful to all of you for supporting me and my art that helps me continue what I do. So as my way of saying thanks, here's an exclusive freebie/sale page!

These are handwoven pieces that are hanging at our studio but I hope to find them new homes, with you! Some of them are declared 'FREE' of charge and I'm hoping you can leave me an amount that feels right to you. To help you decide, sizes and descriptions are provided. Don't think too much about it, I trust you in this!


PAY WHAT YOU WANT, how does it work?  Add to your cart and at Payment, kindly write the amount you'd like to pay for this artwork under 'Tips.' Thank you so much!

STRICTLY TWO (2) ARTWORKS PER PERSON ONLY to give others the chance to own a piece or two as well. 

Some pieces have discounted prices though, and it's also because I have spent some valuable time and paid for the materials that I hope I'll be able to earn back a little. Please let me know if you want to pay in 3s or if you feel that you'd like to pay more for it, it is very much appreciated! Kindly leave your price at the Tips on checkout. Again, thank you so much for your support!


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